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Landscape Lighting Design

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

There is more to outdoor lighting design than simply stringing path lights. In my role as designer for LandArts, an Apex, NC landscape company I try to keep the following objectives in mind:

  • Create a mood or atmosphere

  • Maintain an overall sense of balance through symmetry or rhythmic repetition

  • Highlight focal points

  • Develop a sense of cohesion where the eye moves naturally from one element to the next with no visual breaks (no black holes!)

  • Enhance safety and security

Some of the outdoor lighting techniques used to achieve these objectives are:

- Uplighting

Illuminating trees or architectural features from below creates a point of visual interest while reflecting a soft glow of light onto the landscape.

- Downlighting

Involves placing fixtures above eye level to provide efficient lighting for recreation or security.

- Crosslighting

A flattering method of highlighting any feature using multiple beams to soften shadows and reveal more detail.

- Shadowing

If a tree or other feature is located near a wall, placing lights in front of the object will create interesting shadows on the surface beyond.

- Silhouetting

Is the opposite of shadowing. Positioning lighting behind and below an object can create a spectacular silhouette.

- Pathlighting

Enhances safety while welcoming visitors to the home and garden.

- Moonlighting

Simulates the natural light of a full moon filtering through a tree’s branches casting dappled shadow patterns on the ground.

LandArts designs and installs outdoor lighting systems for the entire Triangle area including

Apex, Cary and Raleigh NC. Contact us at 919-303-0787 or email at to schedule a consultation.

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